Tracey Schulz

A get to know ya conversation and other highlights. Tracey spends his time working at KOOP, KUT, and ACL Live, feeding the weird machine, like the rest of us try and do around here. 

Wendy Colonna

The fearless swampy southern soul of a gypsy troubadour.  A feature of two songs from Wendy's lastest, Nectar. And a spanning chat on industry stuff, music as medicine, and songwriting.  Get loved up!

Sophie Jansen

My soft-core SXSW show.  Oh well.... never worried about missing great music and yet always worried about missing great music.  But what is Austin for, right? Always fantastic making new international friends and discussing art as well as new experiences.  It's in Dutch, but an easy translate click away you can access  Let's talk some film and television! 


On this episode, a few of the guys from Madisons talk with me about their music, the transitions into adulthood and writing sad songs but playing lively, crowd pleasing shows.  And educational segments on Banjo and Big Bend State Park.

Kenny Williams

A great interview with Kenny Williams. He's an Austinite (no lies!), a vocalist and entertainer. And does it well. We talk about his experiences performing at Zach Theatre and on Broadway, in the Lion King.  We also get into what it's like having a cruise ship gig and becoming a new member of a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame group, The Platters.  

Barbara Skorude

My conversation with a radio industry veteran and family friend.  Lots of love and respect in knowing Barbara and getting to do this podcast with her.  Oh, the good ol' days of radio!

The Sideshow Tragedy

An interview with Nathan Singleton and Jeremy Harrell. They make up a two man blues 'n rock outfit that makes live music feel pretty damn fun, and also in this episode a feature of two songs from their well received new album.

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